October 30, 2007

With a sound like the above (or something like it) my beloved laptop waved goodbye at me the night before yesterday, as i was just standing in my PJ’s in the middle of the Kindly College Campus (yeah, don’t ask why). No reboot of Windows possible.

My hubby (bless him, for he might be a genius) took care of the issue via phone, and within a few hours i was able to run the safe Windows mode and do some security backups and a defrag.

The thing that worries me the most is that my harddisk is making very unusual noises, and I have been told, that this means serious damage, and it could collapse at any time. So no more SL for me, until i get a new one. Haa, I think this withdrawal will give me a hard time. I’ve been online straight for the past few weeks.

I already told myself a hundred times; i knew this moment would come. A three year old Laptop can only take so much! Second Life has been extremely laggy for me lately, and running it every day affected also all my other programs, which I could not open in less than 10 to 15 minutes after logging off.

But enough of the computerstuff for now. Let me share some love with you.

I would like to thank you guys for all your support and interest in my page during the last month. The number of my visitors has increased enormously, especially since the post on fashionplanet, and I am now more ambitious than ever to keep on hunting for the different styles in Second Life.

So wish me luck that a new harddisk and reinstallation of Windows will do the trick.

Take care everyone, have a wonderful Halloween,

Love, Visa


October 28, 2007


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