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On the move…

November 28, 2007

Today will be my last day online for a while. I am going to move from one city to another, and setting up the internet in the new place will take some time (the internet company i chose is not famous for its customer service, i’m afraid). So you will have to live without my posts for some weeks.

I will keep my eyes on new releases, though, and can’t wait to return (probably) next year to ooh and aah about your new creations, and ask to take a quick snap for my blog. I know there are still loads of fashionista’s out there that I haven’t had the chance to run into yet.

Shelby suggested to post myself as a Goodbye when she saw me a few days ago in this outfit. So for a change, enjoy a post of me in my disordered mix’n match. Thanks to all those who let me take a snap, and those who kept looking at them and pushing my blog stats.

I will keep you informed about the date of my return. Until then, enjoy Second Life in this wonderful pre-Christmas period.

Love, Visa



November 25, 2007


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